Friday, September 20, 2019

iOs vs Android: The Platform Wars in 2019

Whether you should hire iOs developer or an Android developer depends on the type of application you want to launch, and the kind of platform reach you need for your business.
iOS vs Android is a battle that has been going on since the two platforms came into existence. Initially, iOS was the grand choice for both businesses and developers; however, things seem to have changed now. Android has a good market share.
Before launching an app now, along with checking the target market and knowing the type of app you want developed, you also need to look into the platform that you should develop the app for. Here are a few things that would help you make the right choice.
•    Android is an open-source operating system. This could prove to be an advantage to the developers when they want to devise a customized solution for the businesses. However, the open-source could also pose as a threat to the mobile apps. In many cases, it is the open-source that has led to the vulnerabilities, as the source code is there with the hackers as well. However, you can reduce the security threats by inducing some code encryption in Android. In case of iOS, the system is full-proof and the operating system is completely secure. You will not face a single issue when dealing with this operating system. Of course, all the rights to the source code lie with the operating system, which means customization happens with slight difficulty. You will need to hire iOS programmer who has an expertise in the platform to gain access to a good solution for the business
•    The UI for the iOS is standardized as there is a style guideline that you ought to follow. Moreover, with a style guideline life becomes easy, as you don’t need to put in a lot of efforts. Your UI is ready within minutes, and with less effort. On the other hand, the UI for Android takes up a long while as there is no specific rules defined for this platform
•    Hire iOS developer to understand the different tools that are available with the platform to make development easy. The iOS SDK with Xcode and Swift playground make it easier for you to develop an app. In fact, the whole environment is simulated, thus making testing fast and smooth for the business apps. Android has also devised some standard development environment, which include the Android Studio and the Android SDK. You need to hire the developers who are familiar with the platforms for easy development methods.
•    Fragmentation is the aspect that differentiates both platforms. Android is a fragmented platform, and there are just too many devices ranging in sizes and form factors that you need to consider. This slows down the testing efforts made by the developer as well. For iOS, there is no such issue. You need not slice your designs to suit the different environment.
You can hire iOS programmer to ensure that the development is quick and launch to the market is faster.
Whether you go for iOS or Android depends on the type of app you need developed and how soon you want to launch the app to the market.

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